NEW Polaris Challenge Cycling event

We catch up with Sporteering Development Manager Natalie Weir to talk about a new adaptation of the Polaris Urban Challenge coming to Sheffield in March.

Natalie said: “We launched our first Sporteering event with transport for London (TfL) and British Orienteering with a unique walking challenge  and now we are looking forward to our first Bike Sporteering Challenge in partnership with Polaris Bikewear and Sheffield City Councils Outdoor City event weekend on 10th March 2018″.

The Sporteering app utilises GPS and smart phone technology to create a navigation challenge that has to be completed using the app to collect points at control locations.  Applying the 25 years of experience and expertise gained from running the original Polaris Challenges to create a simple to use app Natalie says;

“Sporteering is on a mission in 2018 to get everyone out exploring our beautiful green spaces and towns capturing points along the way.  Sheffield Cyclists will be able to test their knowledge of the city and its cycling routes on the 10th March when we bring an adventurous mix of urban and rural cycling combined with the challenge of collecting as many points as possible”.

This Sporteering Challenge will therefore be an exercise of navigation and creativity – with participants planning their own route to find the most effective way to collect as many points as they can around Sheffield.

There will be a series of winners and spot prizes available

Encouraging more people to get active in and around Sheffield is a major part of Sheffield City Councils outdoor city weekend and if you are in or around Sheffield on Saturday 10th March then why not come and join us.  Watch this space for further event information.

More information and how to enter the event will be coming here soon!

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