Sporteering looking for more APP Development support

App Developer required!

The Sporteering™ APP has been developed following 25 years of experience organising navigation competitions and having fun, walking, running and cycling in the outdoors and is a development project being funded by our partner Polaris Bikewear. See for more information and you can download the app on Apple:  or Android: 

Desert sporteering

The aim of a Sporteering challenge is to use your smart phone to navigate around a series of controls collecting points as you reach each one. This APP allows clubs and organisations to create Sporteering events near them to challenge friends, family or workplaces to an active navigation challenge.

The last couple of months have already seen over 1000 users and numerous APP developments.  We have quickly realised that we need more help from another Orienteering and outdoor enthusiast who might be interested in supporting the development of the project from an APP development perspective who shares our passion for the sport and an understanding of what we are trying to achieve to take things forward.

Anyone who has the expertise below and is interested please get in touch with by the end of April to find out more.

The skills needed are;

Ability to work in Xamarin  – this is the cross platform coding system we use for the APP

SQL; Database work used in the Planning portal

Some Html to show the SQL to the planners

Passion for orienteering and the outdoors

The Cooney family review Sporteering event

Rewind – at the end of February a post appeared on my Facebook page about a sporteering event in Sheffield as part of The Outdoor Weekend. It sounded great – a virtual treasure hunt by bike, exploring my home town. Having sounded out my other half and my 14 year old daughter, I was ready to book. Unfortunately work then got in the way and I didn’t get round to booking. And then the snow came!

And I held off booking, concerned about spending close to £50 for the now expanded group of four (including Cat’s 14 yo best friend) only to find that when it came to it, awful weather (or the complaints about it) would spoil the day.

Fast forward to the day before the event and I asked Polaris if you could register on the day.

Natalie from Sporteering replied, saying that the event had been postponed earlier in the week but offered us the chance to test the route, for free, at any stage over the weekend so here we are. To be clear, although I didn’t tell Natalie (sorry, Natalie) with two 14 year olds in tow (neither of whom are keen cyclists) we were never going to cover the whole course – and even without them I would have struggled with some of the further flung points within the four hour time frame.

Before we set out we worked out which controls we were aiming for – part of that was driven by a desire to avoid cycling on major roads with the girls where possible – and to avoid long climbs. So we planned a start from Lady Canning’s Plantation down through Ringinglow and Forge Dam and then into town.

It was great, we saw parts of Sheffield we wouldn’t normally see. The app worked brilliantly – the map clearly shows the locations of the controls and when you get there you can scan a QR code or the GPS code. The app also keeps the pressure on, telling you have long you have left, providing impetus to keep moving.

The number and locations of the controls would still challenge much fitter cyclists, as there’s a lot of ground to cover.

I’d highly recommend trying Polaris’s sporteering – we’ll certainly be looking out for more events. But next time we might leave the kids behind!

The Cooney Family

NEW Polaris Challenge Cycling event

We catch up with Sporteering Development Manager Natalie Weir to talk about a new adaptation of the Polaris Urban Challenge coming to Sheffield in March.

Natalie said: “We launched our first Sporteering event with transport for London (TfL) and British Orienteering with a unique walking challenge  and now we are looking forward to our first Bike Sporteering Challenge in partnership with Polaris Bikewear and Sheffield City Councils Outdoor City event weekend on 10th March 2018″.

The Sporteering app utilises GPS and smart phone technology to create a navigation challenge that has to be completed using the app to collect points at control locations.  Applying the 25 years of experience and expertise gained from running the original Polaris Challenges to create a simple to use app Natalie says;

“Sporteering is on a mission in 2018 to get everyone out exploring our beautiful green spaces and towns capturing points along the way.  Sheffield Cyclists will be able to test their knowledge of the city and its cycling routes on the 10th March when we bring an adventurous mix of urban and rural cycling combined with the challenge of collecting as many points as possible”.

This Sporteering Challenge will therefore be an exercise of navigation and creativity – with participants planning their own route to find the most effective way to collect as many points as they can around Sheffield.

There will be a series of winners and spot prizes available

Encouraging more people to get active in and around Sheffield is a major part of Sheffield City Councils outdoor city weekend and if you are in or around Sheffield on Saturday 10th March then why not come and join us.  Watch this space for further event information.

More information and how to enter the event will be coming here soon!

Top 3 reasons to try a Sporteering Challenge in 2018

1 To explore the beautiful outdoors

Increasing the amount of time you spend being outdoors with nature has been shown to significantly improve people’s health and happiness. The UK’s first month-long nature challenge, which took place in 2015 by the University of Derby involved people “doing something wild” every day for 30 consecutive days and showed increases in self-esteem, creativity and participants also felt it taught them how to take risks, exercise and discover. “Intuitively we knew that nature was good for us as humans, but the results were beyond brilliant.” said Lucy McRobert, Nature Matters Campaigns Manager for The Wildlife Trust.

2 Because it is great for us physically and mentally          

Vitamin D levels go up (important for growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against diseases. The Vitamin D Council says “your body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight”.

Sporteering challenges you to find and capture points marked on a map via our smartphone app.  This could be walking, jogging, running, cycling etc – all which will increase aerobic capacity and cardiovascular strength.

The Department of Health in their Start Active, Stay Active report state “regular physical activity can reduce the risk of many chronic conditions including coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, mental health problems and musculoskeletal conditions.”

3 To spend time with friends and family

Why not challenge friends, family, work colleagues or clubmates to a Sporteering challenge?

Whilst you explore a green or urban space you can have fun collecting as many points as you can (with a handy leader board on the website showing how many points you have collected).  So why not get yourself and the family out Sporteering in 2018 – it couldn’t be easier!

At Sporteering we want to inspire people to get out and active and explore our beautiful countryside and cities.  We will be working hard to build a library of events to challenge local communities across the UK and beyond so find an event near you to try in 2018 and give it a go!

If you interested in finding out more about getting involved in putting a Sporteering course up onto the app then get in touch HERE

Longshaw Estate Permanent course (DVO)

The Longshaw estate course is one of the earliest permanent courses we connected to with the help of Mike Godfree (Derwent Valley Orienteers).  This is a long established course and fair to say its pretty easy to navigate as it follows the well graded tracks around the estate.  For this reason its a great starting point for a first attempt at using the Sporteering APP.  Currently the controls are all marked with red squares and scoring on the APP can only be done using GPS.  The GPS signal is good in the area so this is not a problem.

It takes about 1 hour to walk around the course and less that 30 mins to run it.  Start is opposite the cafe on the gate at the bottom of a few steps leading to the main track.  The finish is behind the estate offices on a large post where a track bears off to the car park.

Well worth having a coffee and cake in the cafe when you’ve finished and you can sit and study your scores that will be sent soon after you hit the “Upload” button which appears after scoring the Finish control.  The scores are sent by email to the address you use to logon with.

Your results will be loaded to the Leaderboard for this course and you can view them on the Sporteering website (

DMS = 53° 18′ 56.73” N, 1° 36′ 18.52” W
BNGR = SK 26404 79943
SW of Sheffield, UK