Become an Organiser

Following 25 years of experience organising navigation competitions around the original Polaris Challenge® event format, Polaris have developed the Sporteering™ APP.

Sporteering lets participants explore towns or green spaces by challenging them to find and capture points marked on a map and collect points when they reach each one.

The APP is free to all, as is the planning portal to organisers.

The APP utilises GPS and smart phone technology to allow organisers to create events using a web based portal. The organisers are able set their own courses anywhere in the world and set the time frame as well as number of points available and/or fun facts about the area.

Because you can set up free, voucher coded or paid events and courses, create leader boards and reward participation – with the Sporteering APP, the possibilities are endless!

At Sporteering we want to inspire people to get out and active and enjoy and explore our beautiful countryside and cities.  Please join us and become a Sporteering organiser!  Download the app and get in touch for us to set you up an as organiser! HERE

Once you have access to the portal – you can use these handy Sporteering Organiser Instructions